And so we come to the end

Like all things in life, this trip had to come to an end. However, before leaving England I had one more trip to make to Middle Temple to take a look in the archives.

IMG_2104 IMG_2106

Upon arriving at 2:00 in the afternoon, I walked into the library and was directed to take the elevator to the fourth floor. In an out of the way corner with a sign saying ‘Staff Only’ I found the archival department. Walking in, I had to go down a short hall to find the archivists. The assistant took me to a room that was about four feet by ten feet were they had my materials set up for me to look at. Unfortunately, I was unable to print anything because the viewer I was using was not connected to their printer. Therefore, I was forced to take pictures of the screens with my phone.

IMG_2223 IMG_2226 IMG_2225 IMG_2224

After a somewhat disappointing visit, I returned and finish that last bit of packing for the return trip.

Around 3:30 in the morning, I gathered my things and headed downstairs to get on the bus which would take all the students to the airport. At 4:00 in the morning, the bus left King’s College. This was the last photo I took of London from the bus:


After a very long flight in which I was stuck in the middle seat (never the one anyone wants), we landed in Newark. Walking down a hall, I arrived at the customs area.


I realized upon seeing the American flag hanging there that I was finally back in the United States and in less then six hours I would be home.

I wish to thank everyone who shared this adventure with me for a wonderful time. It is an experience that I will always treasure. Thank you Dr. Griffis and Dr. Welsh, you have both been extraordinary.


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